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birthday wishes and caviar dreams...

okay so the birthday thing didn't quite work out the way I had hoped or expected. We couldn't get tickets to see the show, so it was decided that we'd spend some time together on saturday nite. We still rented the car. I had to get over some personal issues with doing that, which josh couldn't seem to understand. but that is why he's he and I'm me. ~~~~~~~~the birthday weekend update will be tomorrow. Friday nite was hellacious last week. You know that I'm directing this "show" at UNC about these four woman. well, the script sucked. but everyone was afraid of telling anyone else about how badly the script really sucked. and i mean it was mr tidy bowl worthy. that is until Friday nite. it just all came to a head then, and I'm not sure how it got started. we were blocking a few entrances and then we sat down and BLAMMMMM! people's mouths started opening. and it didn't help any that jon wasn't at this rehearsal. it became bitter and caustic and i was dreading every minute of being alive. but people we able to get off their chests what they felt they needed to say. (and we'd still have to update Caroline on all this because she was in NYC). Suffice it to say that we're getting a new script tonite for the show that opens next wednesday. yep, you heard that exactly right. new script tonight, 10 days before opening nite. It can and must be done. that's all i have to say. ~~~~~~~I may talk about this some more later. sorry this entry is very scatterbrained because I just had an interview for the job in my department. It went well (go to hell) but I can never bank on these things. and now it's almost time for me to leave and i still have to copy music for tonight's rehearsal (because of course we're still adding new songs to the show). oy vey for real. mwah. topics, topics, topics. OH and the concert is now on. We got a venue for the competition, April 2, I'll be in Baltimore hosting the Southern Regional Showcase of NCCA. I'm excited. DAMN. see y'all tomorrow. the clock waits for no one. even if you are on TeKaytime.