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that's what friends are for

w00, i got the best birthday surprise today. josh and eris (whom i'm not supposed to write about in my journal because we always seem to communication fuckeduply to each other when you are reading stuff on the web, but i'm going to break that request because she's great anyway) decided that they were going to take me to DC this weekend to see BERNADETTE PETERS LIVE in Annie Get Your Gun. But of course, it couldn't stay a surprise (which i'm glad, or i wouldn't have been able to do it) because like always, we're having trouble renting a car. but motor club to the rescue. so i'm doing a bit of web surfing to see what the best deal out there is at the moment. w00 just scored a four day package for $50 Total. we're going in style baby. The show (Woman to Woman) is going slowly but surely, we're doing a lot of discussion about everything which is what i need, but i really need to get my ass in gear and choreo and block all of the show so that these women can just get doing to learning what they need to learn. The show really is going to happy in two weeks. TWO weeks. some of them are getting scared and frustrated. and i understand why. we've made some huge cuts to the script that i haven't told jon about yet. i hope he doesn't flip, but damn is he wordy. and we cut my FAVORITE song from the show. i guess i shouldn't be that upset, but tami and lisa are no longer doing EASY TO BE HARD from HAIR and that's got me in a tizzy. I'd rather drop the harder song from Closer Than Ever...but i don't think it's gonna happen. I've never had such a mental block with a show and trying to stage it. i know some of it is because normally i let the actors develop their own movements on stage. i can't stand a directors who give blocking on a line-to-line basis. that's fucking insane, because the show becomes so artificial that way. but we don't have the time, and some of us don't have the patience to let it be too organic. so i'm going to paint in broad strokes over the next few days and let the detailing work come later next week. yes, tami, this really is like a superbroadwaymelodies. don't die. i won't. okay, the jobfront has taken a little bit of a hit. there is this position that i would be almost perfect for. it's webdesign, some admin, but the growth potential is absolutely amazing. i almost cried on the phone yesterday when i was talking to the supervisor. she knows that i want the job, but the problem is the fact that my company has recently disbanded yet another department and those "displaced" employees have first dibs on any of the jobs in the company that are available. that's what's happening with the position that is open in my department at the moment. i'm the natural choice for it because of my senority and familiarity with the people, but because of these displaced people, i have to wait for all of them to be reassigned to jobs before anyone can look at my application for them. that hurts on one instance, but to know that once you get a job here, that they company will look out for you, does say something good about why we were rated the best company in the state to work for. so as far as i know, next friday, i'm a free agent, which means that i'll have the following monday and tuesday off until they place me somewhere else. that's okay, because i could definately use the time off, especially since Woman2 will be opening that wednesday. though it's not really opening, it's more like a final dress rehearsal for the press. egads, that is still very very frightening. topics, topics, topics. OH and the concert is now on. We got a venue for the competition, April 2, I'll be in Baltimore hosting the Southern Regional Showcase of NCCA. I'm excited. DAMN. see y'all tomorrow. the clock waits for no one. even if you are on TeKaytime.