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I just love the number thirteen. I just do. Woman to Woman this is the show that i'm directing. jon howle is writing the script and we have these four divas (well three and a half away) to sing some kickass music. anyway, so apparently one of my cast members has paged me...letting me know that she is back in town. since i'm still on campus, i'm about to go over to her room and talk to her for a while. we're about to work out the problems hopefully and really get this stuff underway. we had rehearsal tonight and the music a cappella is beginning to sound good and they are just beginning to learn most of it. some of it is harder than necessary but you know that's okay. lisab and tami are going to rock hard on "easy to be hard." i need to sit down and completely block the show this weekend. no real chance for organic rehearsals with this one. i have to hit the ground running over the next couple of weeks. i'm working with karen shuster from my masters thesis performance as the choreographer. that should be great fun. wheeee! Hope and Despair this is the show that i'm co-directing with david lorenc, who use to be my little brother when he was pledging my fraternity. three of our cast members didn't show up tonight, including one who hasn't signed the sheet yet indicating that he would take the role(s) that we offered him. he better not punk out on my or i'll kick his little jew butt. <--private inside junk between he and me. it's gonna be crazy crazy. jon is in this set, so i'm directing him again. that should be fun. i'm having trouble sleeping at nite. my clock is just all screwed up. i'm going to go home relatively early tonight and i may just call "bball" to let her know what the deal is. nayyyh. i know i'll go over to her room. i need something to read that will take my mind off of all the thinking that i've been doing lately. i'm not really stressing i guess, thanks to the medicaiton, but my brain is on hyperactive-thinking ...when i should be asleep. i can do this and this and this tomorrow....and then i don't sleep until 2 or 3 in the morning so that when i have to get up and do all of this stuff, it's not happening. apparently not many people (2 or 3) applied for the job at work in my current department. so the post period has been extended another week. i guess i'll apply afterwards then next week. as well...i have a lead for a position in HR in the workforce diversity program which is also looking for an admin. they'll know next week if they aren't going to hire anyone from within the company and i can check back with them as well. that would be super cool, i love working in HR even though it is much more stressful and less money-productive than working in the scientific section that i'm in in R&D. THOUGH MY VICE PRESIDENT DIDN'T GIVE MY SORRY ASS A $100 GIFT CHECK FOR XMAS anyway, yes another one of my friends has gotten a job at gw making more money than i do per hour. argh argh argh. but i really can deal. my next assignment, if i don't get the job should be paying more than $11/h. so it's all good, i hope. i do have to remember to talk about revelations about my grandmother that i made over the holidays. she frightens me sometimes. i can't talk about it now because the stories are all jumbled in my head and i want to talk about this right. and as well, i think i need to discuss the whole jasme situation. oo, and chris b called me today. he's in no position to really talk right now...according to his voicemail. hmmmm, don't know what that means. but i guess i'll find out. and tony needs to call me soon. okay, that digressed more than i wanted it too. concise content concise content. thanks y'all.