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things are changing

i don't know what all is happening with myself these days. okay, today i do know that i'm tired as hell and really just want to be in bed. but that's not going to happen. i'm directing a show called woman to woman currently and it's going, oh so not well, because all of the cast members havent been present or even committed to the show and it opens in a little over three weeks. eeks. but we do have an accompanist and that makes me more than thrilled. wheee. i think the medication is working a bit. i haven't wanted to scratch my ankle at all, but i do still have some dry patches here and there and they can be a bit annoying, especially since the weather went topsy-turvy again and yesterday it was 60 degress farenheit over heah. and i had auditions last nite for "Wheelchair Dancer." it's the latest jelly excursion. Charles Streeter was in attendance at the audition and it sort of threw me for a loop. he's a colleague of mine whom i haven't spoken to in a good 6 months. not since a brief stint at patch adams. i wish him well. he said finally to my graduation announcement. i think the audition went well, but we'll see. i'm waiting for my gravy train with jelly to run dry. i hope this isn't the one though, because the topic is very interesting and i'm up for the lead (i guess competing against charles). see he got all the recog in graduate school in our department (yes, same program grad and undergrad) and this is sorta like my territory. i'm trying to make my mark here. Patrick understands what i'm talking about. and i cast another broadway melodies set last nite. yes, that means i'm directing two shows at the same time. bite me. good lord, i'm working with prozac nation, and amber and jon again. should be interesting. i'm going to attempt to sing "wheels of a dream" from Ragtime. i'll throw up a wav file tomorrow of the song. should be interesting. eris said that she'll try not to laugh, seeing me and amber together singing that duet. grr...hisss. baby. and we had hearsay rehearsal last nite. he still sucks and he's apparently got a chip on his shoulder about sucking and i don't fucking care or really know what to do about it at the moment. and i'm losing my backup here because of other issues with the group and their outside behavior. that was way beyond cryptic, but i'm on a tight schedule at the moment...gotta be on campus in less than a half hour. good i'm only twenty minutes away. so that's it for now. more answers will come later, i'm sure. peaches and herb.