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i wanna be shakespeare

can you actually believe that i went to see a movie this past weekend. I did, I did, saw a putty tat! so i saw shakespeare in love naturally, if i have to sit through celluloid fiasco it may as well be about something i truly love. i love shakepeare. and i'm pretty hot for joseph fiennes. not to mention ben affleck. oh good lord. the movie was excellent. i can't say enough good things about it. yes, there were some parts which made me uncomfortable in a heterosexualist/purtitanical *you didn't know that about me* kind of way. (i mean here was a woman in elizabethan aristrocracy who is having pre-maritial sex with a lowly playwright.) okay whatever, but actually it was the fact that she was having sex at all that really disturbed me. i just didn't see it happening. and though everyone talks about the skirting of the shakes as homosexual issue, i thought the male drag for Viola presented that issue in a subtle way. we missed the first 10 minutes of the movie...but i'll have to add why later. right now. MY MOUTH HURTS LIKE HELL. root canal last week. cleaning this morning (which hurt worse than the operation) and fillings on wednesday. and apparently, i'm going to have to have some bone sawed away in my jawline for my crown work to actually work. will discuss the show(s) and other things later...stay tuned. oh and congratulations, josh, i'm damned proud of you and righteously jealous as well. what are all these people doing coming to my company and making more money than I. eek. see you tomorrow.