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everything old is new again

ENJOY THE SCALED DOWN VERSION! it's a new year. there are changes to be made and stories to tell. i've having to do both of them slowly. suffice it to say that i had a root canal today. they didn't put me to sleep and the pain now isn't that great. this is the healthy and happier year for me. i didn't make any resolutions, i'm just planning on living a better life. i still get sad a lot. i'm 27 and had to have a root canal. that is depressing the shit out of me, but it's because i haven't been living the healthy happy life. i hate my living situation, but i'm determined not to move out until the lease is up, i have not lived somewhere than 24 months (excluding the two years at whispering hills) since i lived with my grandmother in kannapolis in 1989. that is ridiculous. so no more running away from my problems. skin is bad right now. the doctor has said that i shouldn't shower everyday. my skin doesn't have enough oil to support the soap scrubbing must of it off. so stay 3 feet from me til summer. winter air is brutal. ice storm ice storm ice storm...driving from new jersey. went to new york city without seeing rent. twas a first. auditions, shows, groups, rehearsals and all that jazz in the next edition of mliuc!