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February 24: Back in the saddle again

Okay, to let you know if you couldn't gleem from my frontpage...i didn't get the job in HR that I was so stoked about either. So that was two positions as an admin that I was overqualified for, but still didn't get. I recently learned that the HR position went to someone who was exceptionally qualified as well (and this came from the Vice-Prez of HR who was pulling for me, and shoots straight from the hip). So all is not lost. I've got a couple more applications out at my alma mater...hopefully, they will transpire to something good. i'm planning on getting my hair cut today if i can make it to the barbershop in time and still get to hearsay rehearsals. i'm still not planning on talking to Chris (more about that later) even though he's seemed to have dropped the whole issue. he's not going to be at rehearsal maybe that is a good thing. we had issues about the website design (which he's only designed for in IE, but whatever). the cut will give me a new start, cutting away the bad hair will be like cutting away the negative thoughts that cascade through my mind on an hourly basis...and will hopefully spur new growth in a more positive direction (shovel shovel shovel). started talking to patrick again today. he makes me smile. he's fretting seriously over this directing project that he's set up for himself. i'm sure the script is wonderful, especially if it's anything like his journal. la.