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The attempt to silence a man is 
the greatest honor you can bestow on him. 
It means that you recognize 
his superiority to yourself.

óJoseph Sobran

okay so now you are going to make me work....the change

Today has been a day. the past two days I've actually had to do some "work" at my job. I mean for the past few weeks I've had nothing to do, NOTHING. and now for the three days before vacation when I have other things that I want to do. (yeah me I've recently found a downloadable music composer arrangments that i was planning on working on today. but twas not to be. I still have some filing to do that day is almost shot as well. damn i wished my computer worked at home. okay so apparently eris didn't coin the phrase "kindergarten rent" so i take the attribute back. patrick is going through some shit with this Fox character. i told patrick that i was going to kick the other guy's ass. our emotions are not to be played with. watch out. I HAVE THE HOUSE TO MYSELF UNTIL NEXT TUESDAY. you don't know how excited that makes me. just me in the house. i can straighten it the way i wish and i won't have to feel like i'm playing maid to some moronic imbecile. see i could totally tell you about those instances. it's some neurotic hangup that i have about cleaning up after other people and them not appreciating me and god i need a therapist. and apparently eris does still want to be friends though her entry the other day had me and josh worried or at the least confuzzled. and no i'm not really speaking for josh here, that's just the way our conversation headed. so it looks like my a cappella group is now going to be called heresay. there is a group in boston called pickup6 (which none of us were really happy with anyway), so this seemed the perfect opportunity and reason to change the name. chris really wanted hear and now at first, but i just had to put my foot down. it seems ridiculous to me, i wouldn't want to go see a group by that name. and we're always (well not always) but often talking about the cheesy factor of current a cappella names. well h&n seemed more cheesy to me than hearsay. that seems/sounds cool to me. i don't know why. "we're hearsay, are you ready to rock?" i mean doesn't that roll off your tongue more? anyway i'm going to say something here that i may live to regret if anyone from the group reads it. it is my impression that people want lance out of the group. no wait that's a little harsh. i think if a time factor had been put in place and the auditions would have gone differently|had more choices that lance wouldn't be in the group now. but that's neither here nor there and is just an observation. i wish he had a better voice and knew how to sing...but it's showing my lack of people and teaching skills that i can't help make him better. i just have too many hangups about him already to effectively step in and show him stuff. the person who has the best rapport with him in terms of teaching won't anymore unless he specifically asks. and he won't because i'm sure he's thinking that he's going great. he's at okay right now when the rest of the group is at good+, so he's got a couple of levels to catch up. ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~thought break*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~* okay i just got email from stephanie and caren. our new email address is HEARSAY @ WOWMAIL I mean how fucking cool is that. wowmail. wowmail. i have to go get a new account. WOWOWOWOWOWOWOWWMAIL! *~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~tangential return*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~* so anyway last nite we're singing for the lion's club in garner,nc. and at rehearsal we're singing flat most of the time and we chalk it to no one concentrating. well, we don't run over my solo song (i just don't think about it because we had so many other things to polish) so i forgot to set the opening minor chord in their heads. okay at the gig we're singing flat on almost everything...but most of it stays at a comfortable level. well that is until my solo. it was the first time in an a cappella performance that i've forgotten the words to a song. i've worried about it before, but it's never happen. i was too busy thinking about whether or not i should stop the group because the opening was no where near in the right key. so a minor key ended up on the major key a steph or two lower than regular. i don't have a low solo voice (i'm one of those lilting high tenors) but i was able to fake it. the song comes to a point where it's me and the bass dueting and there was no duet because the song had flatted so that chris couldn't sing his part. argh. i was embarrassed and with the total lack of reactions that we were getting from the audience anyway. i wanted to crawl away at that point. great job placing your song in the showstopper spot. and for the most part it was his fault (according to others...i couldn't really really tell) so we're thinking of switching parts so that he's doubling someone else. eek a mouse. argh.... i need to go pay some bills. later.
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