July 29: This is a test, this is only a test!

This is a test entry. I'm still playing with the design. Thanks IKO! for everything. I'm not sure what all i do want to talk about here. I don't have time to think properly. (uh, oh, i know you all are thinking...not another checklist) exactly. 1. i am at the moment feeling giddy, nervous, frustrated, tired and anxious. I'm not in a bad state and not feeling overly or debilitatingly depressed. but i'm also not miss sunshine polyanna today either. 2. the festival preview starts tonight. i have no idea what i'm supposed to do for either of the shows that i'm in. and since i'll be in dress clothes (aka business attire) i'm not planning on doing much. 3. saw a full run-thru of androcles last night. it's not as bad as i thought, but could definately be better. who knew androcles was gay? there were occassionaly funny moments and some scenes that even the actors wanted to be over. i've heard that they don't have any group cohesion, so that could be one of the problems...there's too many cliques and not enough commaderie. 4. i've now had three of nearly the best foods that i've had in a while. sunday started it all with a trip to the carolina brewery where hope bought the table some buffalo wings in mild sauce. oh my. i love chicken wings but these, i don't know if i could accurately describe the rapture my mouth had while eating these succulent morsels. On day two of my recent unemployment eris and i took to the mall and then to Chili's. (aside, if i remember i'll elaborate on the great fun we had at the mall and the fun that i had with eris). At C's eris ordered the macho nachos. i know that both of us were very hungry at the time, but i asked her if that was the reason why we were drooling over this food. it really was THAT good. i was not able to enjoy MY dinner afterwards because i wanted more of those nachos. josh...we have another item to add to the must eat list. and finally, i'm sitting here at this desk at work (more on that next) and i'm eating some sesame sauce over chicken. it's the best sauce i've EVER had. oh my. 5. job rants. so i accepted a three-day assignment for a pay cut because after a couple of hours on monday, i couldn't stand the thought of being unemployed. so i'm settling again. i'm working in HR for someone who's on vacation. it's not exciting but i do like being back in HR. there is a possiblity that they are going to need me for an 8-month contract, but i won't hear anymore about that until monday. w00. i went to optionone yesterday to do the interview for the pr type positions that i'm so qualified for. i got interviewed by miss cuteperkymouse[tm] who just graduated from Carolina last year with the same undergrad degree that i have. w00 w00. she said that things look optimistic, but all that she has right now are managerial and sr level positions. there is a possiblity that i could become a college recruiter for cp&l...that's something that car*n talked to me about after rehearsal for hears*y the other day. we're going to keep on trucking. 6. rehearsal went extremely well on tuesday for hears*y. i actually enjoyed being at rehearsal throughout the whole time. i put on my buddha face and told the group that i wouldn't participate in any of the verbal abuse that usually happens at these rehearsals and of course they scoffed at me...but i did succomb twice but they were lighthearted and people held off some (but not much)...so it made me feel better and i guess that's really all that matters and was the point of my doing so as well. we sang through our entire rep and some of it sounds really good and some still needs tweaking and some we've just plain forgotten. oh well. we have a couple of gigs coming up (yes add that to my show stress. eek). i'm really enjoying keep me hangin on and chris made some suggestions to it that i think work wonderfully and actually complimented me on something i did during the song. i was flying with all the love in the air. oh announcemnt...chris and molly are enjoyed. so that'll be three married folk and three singles...jen has basically dumped her boyfriend and caren is caren...so i guess i'm next in line. oh and big fucking news of the day. caren and stef are no longer friends. shock that big fat monkey. 7. well since seven is a lucky number. i'll stop here. shalom and peace be with you. especially the newbie!!! Okay still working on the design change....hmmmmm...now i've just got to find the time...being in HR again, i'm actually supposed to work for a living. imagine that. any thoughts you know where to mail me! da doo run run run ob la dee ob la dah yeah hey non nee non nee *~*~*~*~*~* la. I'm not guaranteed to get it right but i'll have a go.