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9-18-98: sitting on the phone you know i seem to sit on the phone and talk a lot. I mean all day long at work that's what i'm doing. josh calls, eris calls, or i call them i talk to whitney, sue, sabrina, stephen. today i called canada and talked to tony. and monday i'm going to call tulsi (and he's a she now -- w00 gotta change that picture on the collage page) on monday. i even called my friend alicia in paris the other day. hmmm, even eris and i will talk on the fon for an hour almost every nite. i'm a phonaholic. I'm off to rehearsal for The Green Man Gets a Hand i'm excited to be going back to rehearsal after a week. but then again i really could use a nite off. argh the stress and the strain is wearing on me. i'm going to try and go to sleep before midnite tonight. but at least i get to sleep to 9am tomorrow before i have to go back to rehearsal. looks like i'm not going to be able to call the former for a little action this weekend. and I probably won't get to see the stalker this weekend either, unless i'm really really bold and well-rested come saturday nite. later. i'm feeling worthless...argh.

9-17-98: time is a-wastin

of course i don't have time to update now, because i putzed around all day at work and now it's time to go to duke. argh. pissed me off last nite, because i wasn't told that i was going to be videotaped. that's another level of stress added on to this shit. but hey it went fine. i did wonderfully as always. they want me to work next week. i'm trying hard to say no. i think i succeeded because i was supposed to be called today about it. don't know what the situation is with my car--claled the other insurance company they didn't know what the hell was going on either. so it's all about in my life right now. so i'll leave with this holly arent' we cute. later loves.
9-16-98: it's on an endless loop i tell ya. okay dokie. culture club's vh1 concert and greatest hits are on endless loop in my computer. i love those guys something fierce and both cds are great.
I wish I could express in words the magic that this singing group I'm in is making. Even with the personality conflicts that flare (though stephanie still doesn't see them or notice her participation in them) the sound that can come out of the group is AMAZING. and you know that i'm not the kind of person who makes a statement like that lightheartedly. But these people as a GROUP are truly gifted. They can pick up a song and sing it together for the first time like it's an inate talent. I have never worked with people like this on ANYTHING. I assigned them two new songs to look over for last nite's rehearsal. Seven Bridges Road and Operator. Of course, Chris had never heard of Operator. How the heck do you sing a cappella music and not have heard of Manhattan Transfer or at least some of their standard recordings. I mean damn, they did win a grammy. so anyway. They listened to the recording once. we had a discussion about who's to sing which part. and then BLAMMO, that song was there. now granted it was only the middle section. and we still have two sections to learn, but i mean locking chords mostly rhythmically correct. Stephanie kicks ass on the solo. There are some high parts that she's going to jiggy, but otherwise. I'm totally psyched. I was nervous at first because it was the last song that we were doing last nite and the rehearsal had been LONG. But really, we could actually be performing these songs next month...and have like a fifteen minute set. hello, a year went by and THE ACCIDENTALS never performed. Seven Bridges Road was another one that clicked musically. We listened to it once and then sang it all the way through. No it wasn't perfect, but just the blend that this group can do when it's trying is very inspirational. yes eris, i'm gushing. please slap me or something, I mean I can't believe it. I told them that I was a very pessimistic person, but I just had to compliment on the work that they were doing. WOW!!! Okay now I really can talk bad about something, but it turns out to be solvable. LANCE IS HAVING A HARD TIME BLENDING. and we have to work on that. first of all he "stylizes" a lot of the lines that he sings. that was caren's euphemistic way of saying that he scoops like crazy. so we've started teaching him how to darken his voice and to sing more in the back of his throat. he over enunciates and just blasts when he's singing. It was more than evident on Face in the Crowd. egads. But we worked a lot on that song (which actually took up more rehearsal time than I had expected) and by the end he actually started sounded okay. Shady biotches eris and josh are planning a trip to new york even though neither one of them can afford it. I just wish that he could transfer the work over to the solos that he's doing. The clipped country shit just has to go. i want the microphone to make some wav files so you'll understand what i'm talking about. Caren is still trying to get me a job. God bless her. this is such an interesting group of people. I am privileged to be working with them....though some of them are getting on my nerves A LOT. I'm going to instigate a new rule. Vocabulary is the catchphrase. we're coming from two different backgrounds in a cappelladom and it often clashes like crazy. so it tried to rile up last nite twice and i felt helpless, but no more. i'm over thinking that the group is going to fall apart if we have issues. So it's no holds barred now it telling people the real deal. (well as much as this non-conflict liking person can muster.) later y'all. I gotta turn 50 again. argh. why can't i just sleep more? yep, the eyes are tired again.....continuation.
9-15-98: my eyes are getting tired I think I really spend too much time on the Internet and looking at a computer screen all damn day long. My eyes are really tired right now and I have a long nite ahead of me again. I'm about to leave work and go to rehearsal for the singing group. We have 4.5+ of rehearsal tonight. that is going to be scary i tell you. i don't have an agenda drawn up yet. so i'm hoping for some divine inspiration to come down upon me soon. SOMNAMBULIST: the picnic went well. i got my check. w00. money. we had the nominations for the sleepy time awards. i put me down for a bunch of them. hee hee i'm not narcissitic or anything like that you know. the project may be going down but you didn't hear that from me. ummmm, parting gif. I miss my car, but really do enjoy driving this protege. the cd player is great fun. but someone else pointed out the fact that i've recently had a string of bad luck regarding my car. so it's definately a problem with the name of my car. hmmmm, possibly no more gender bending names... you know her name was lance, but it's a she. it came from golden lance...the piercing. but now i have to relax back into it and let her tell me what her real name is. i need to call the guys insurance company...and place my claim. i'm just to tired and scared. but who can blame me. i did resolve my credit card issue and my beeper issue. so now i have beepermail and don't have to rely on my roommate to give me messages. john rice (uh huh that one) claims he called me last week. unfortunately, i never got that message. thanks for the smoke at the picnic. it was sorely needed. oh and i can't even begin to tell y'all how hot this doctor was who examined me last nite. m hueman is going to make some PERSON very very happy. and i mean really. tra la la. my vocal technique is great.
9-14-98:ADDENDUM: those forgotten gems Yesterday's rehearsal went well. but i was really tired. I got up at 11 something to get ready for rehearsal. I really wanted to be on time to the JELLY rehearsal that i had at 1pm. so i putz around and decide to stop at the grocery store to get something for lunch. big mistake. lines from i ended up wasting 20minutes and was getting scared scared scared i tell you. well mainly because i won't be going back to rehearsal for them until Friday. and i've had problems in the past with learning lines and stuff. so damn. patient exams start again tonight. ugh ugh ugh. can't wait to get those checks should make me a RICH man. hahahhahaha! the somnabulist project pic nic was yesterday. i'll talk about it later. i got/bought some CDs today. I looked for A New Brain at Barnes and Noble, but they didn't have it. i couldn't remember what else I was supposed to be looking for. so I got ultimate broadway and hey! mr. producer. and then i got the crossroads/greatest hits cd by Culture Club. Did I ever say here how fabulous that concert was. I may have to re-devote an entry to that. right now i'm sleepy and getting sleepier. who knew that the pill would take effect 18 hours later. oh mi god. all i have to say is LITTLE JOHN and BOB. god that was such a nasty nasty nasty site. that happened saturday nite sunday morning at the club as well. but the stalking incident took precident, I guess. ick. damn and it's long nite tonight as well. 8 people. i got lucky on saturday because my last person didn't show up. whee. Stephen, I'll send you your damn tapes. I need to write, joci. oh, and eris. i was right. tee hee.
9-13-98: welcome to mr. toad's wild adventure can i just say that i was watched by a stalker for the first time in my life last nite. I was highly amusing at first and then it got kinda unnervy and then i just don't really know what i think about the situation. okay, after playing the 50yr old man and then going to rehearsal and playing the 4 year old boy (how's that for stretching in one day...where are all the damn directors who are waiting to see my talents.) i decided that i wanted to go dancing because i hadn't been since columbus...but hadn't been dancing at Lengends in a very long time. so i asked jacq because she was feeling a little down and i love partying with her. (she is the woman that i flirt with the most. love her kisses. anyway i'll just keep wishing that it could come true. anyway. dreams. but i knew she was ill. so i didn't really think she could make it. so i asked eris to come too, because we hadn't partied in a while and i know she likes jacq as a person so it would be a BALL O HOOCHIES which is always a good thing. and i told eris i didn't want to go by myself becuase i sorta knew jacq wasnt going to go. so went home and tried to go to bed to "save up" for the nite. didn't sleep much and washed some clothes and watched new episodes of xena and the end of a hercules (oh no his mom died. the show must really be ending.) got to eris' raleigh was a mess. state beat florida state in football and that is mad havoc. waited for eris and went to the club. i didn't have much money on me so we didn't get to drink a lot. clubbing was great ... saw some people i hadn't seen in a while. yay. smoked up a little. yay yay (as i also did today. shhhhh) was catty (aren't i always) danced some. played the television station game (whhhhhhhhhheeeee new new fun for we to play.) okay there was this guy there. he looked sorta nice. i kept watching him because i have a tendency to stare at people (or at least i'm told i do). he would stare back occassionally. and then we got into the watching contest apparently. i would search for him and he me. but there were no sparks flying so i didn't know what to make of the situation. but then it got unnerving...especially for eris and i think the fun barrier was broken. he would look at us hard but have no real reaction. and you know he had that sort of (i could be a psychotic serial killer) the only thing i know about him is that his chest is hairy...and i got that from someone who couldn't remember his name. yeah, chad this means you. so i don't know how to get in contact with him. but then yes the fun stopped but it was still funny. eris and i left and we were going to go to our place across the street. we were outside the club and "staring man" who is kinda attractive--which is the reason i was staring at him. he was walking away with a group (but you could tell that he wasn't with the group, because he was alone the whole nite.) and then stopped when he saw us and just started looking at us again. so eris and i decide to go across the street. he follows. we go inside, he comes inside...we're looking the video selection in the back and he goes down another aisle and we're gabbing and getting "worried" i move to another section...he keeps watching. we leave...he leaves about 5 seconds later. going to my car and stuff. he waits on the street corner all the time looking, and looking. eris by this time has run across the street and being herself and we take off all the while staring at him sorta. we round the corner near jillians' and he's still standing there and looking. we round the other corner and pull into the rear parking lot. and sooner than later here he comes with another group of people. that's when we bolt the hell outta there. it was a freaky situation, but i think i handled it wrong. at least that's what donald thinks. so i'm planning to go back to the club next week and talk to him. if i don't get it out of my system i am going to obsess about it endlessly. so, who knows i may get lucky. and apparently an EX of mine is making the rounds again. i think i need to give him a fon call. mmmmmm. later.

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