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for a while....i've gotten rid of her. But she'll be back.
okay this is for the quick facts section that I'll develop later...but i just wanted you guys to know this about me. you know I'm an aquarian I mean how could you not know that about me. But my rising sign is aries. Fire and Air.... hmmmmm. and this is my IQ. Seems to be on target. I remember doing these tests when i was younger and getting that score. exactly. wow

8-28-98: i'm going to blow away
Why is it 93 degrees again i north carolina after having been like 80 degrees for a week. this shit is killing me. i'm feeling a lot better today that I was yesterday. that's good...and I joined a online journal webring. whoo doggie. stephanji is making a webring for subclaquers. can't wait for that either. we already read each others's just nice to have our own webring. i think it's funny. ever feel like your head is too big for your neck. i mean i know i keep all of my tension in my neck but this is ridiculous how much pain i'm in right now. argh. it'll subside but damn i do have shows to do. catherine wrote me email today. it felt kinda random but nice. she said seeing boy george on vh1 made her think of me. i'm probably not getting back to new york anywhere until november, unless i take a saturday through tuesday kind of vacation. i hope it'll happen. it screws all my other travelling mates up because of school or work. we'll see boys. going to ohio with my mom this coming weekend for labor day. it's a family reunion. i don't like my family so you know that's going to be nothing but a ball of laughs. so what do you do? are you dating anyone (no, but if your husband's available), when are you going to stop going to school and get a real job? are you going to be a preofessional student the rest of your life? when are you going to lose some of that weight? bite me. where the fuck is that java script pop up window. haven't talked to frank or brandy in a while. hopefully they are doing well. i still need to go through my cds and see what that motherfucker stole. argh. then i'll hit the pawn shops to see if i can find them or buy others. tapes tapes tapes....i supposedly have a million coming to me and of course none of them are here yet. sue, jenben, alex, jennpease,joci, brad, alley, josh (but that's okay), sally, karen, michelle, and raquel are just the people that I remember owe me stuff. i mean damn people. life could be so nice. okay...the new group sounds really good so far. and of course the person that i like the least (i'm trying to no longer HATE anyone) doesn't have web i can write about that person to my heart's content. we're still looking for a high soprano and a low bass (go figure) so if you fit the bill and live within the me. i may now be the music director of the group instead of the asst. chris doesn't want to do it anymore for some valid reasons i guess. i'm trying to talk him back into it because i don't want the fiasco that was The Accidentals to happen with this group. I think i'm better prepared this time, but not really. anyway, this guys voice still sucks and he has a negative attitude. those combinations just don't make for a very pleasing person. he sounds like a country buzzsaw cutting through steele. but oh well you take what you can get, i guess. eris says that my page takes a long time to load...if you find this is the case could you also notify me. i'm guessing i'm going to have to do some major redesign. i still have integrated the two sites another project ot add to the fire. commedia del farte tonght... oh puckism from last nite: mekaleka hi mekahiney ho! the director thought that it was the best one yet. Whee go me go me. but ugh. i dropped my baton. the first time i've done so. so a shitty performance got shittier. and apparently we get to read the review from the chapel hill herald today. it was favorable. that's new. patient exams next week...rehearsals for no name, and the packet for jelly (which means i don't have to have the script memorized before rehearsals begin because we didn't get them three weeks before the start. wheeee. oh jac and i are going out on a date on saturday. yeah. she's coming to see midsummer and then we're going to two parties. i love my jac...and she loves me. MIKE YOU ARE A FUCKING ASS HOLE FOOL. well that felt good. have a great weekend.
8-27-98: I'm feeling green
and not about the green man. whenever i get sick i go through color changes. and right now, i'm feeling pretty clear which is a good thing. when i start to feel green that's when the world has to look out...argh. i'm trying to stave it off. when it rains it pours. not only do i not get to see the philly final, but i also can't do this other show because of GREEN MAN and the Patient Exam. If i weren't making a hell of a lot of money doing the patient thing. i would quit. but i need all the money i can get right now. the last weekend of shows for Sonambulist. i'll tell you it's been an interesting summer. i've never had my picture in the paper so often as with this project. you know that just fed into my diva complex. oh well. I'm sick sick sick right now. i took yesterday off from work and i never do that. it helped a little but not nearly enough. i'm really worried about doing the show out in the rain tonight. argh. and going to another rehearsal. we'll see. i'm a glutton for punishment. work is work is work. tanya is leaving tomorrow. wondering who's taking her out to lunch. hmmm. superleroy[tm] apparently reared his ugly head again last nite. that boy just has no fon manners what so ever. he's highly disturbing and eris is pissed again. argh. well, i'm glad i got to update at least. i know all my minions were worried about me. oh and i need to put a link up for stephen and anji's web page. so for now, the temp one is. stephanji. later.
The WeekEnd: Here we go round the mulberry bush
Friday nite i was working on the nillapage for the week and getting stuff all set and trying to arrange my office so that it's presently. (I am a messy slob for those of you who don't know). Decide that i want to spend the weekend with eris...i knew that she wanted to see the show and wanted to go to church with me on sunday. and i was feeling a little apprehensive about going home on friday because it was the anniversary of me getting robbed and i'm superstitious like that. oh well. so we're going to K&W and had a great time on friday. the food was pretty good. the main entree that is. Yam soufflee--horrendous so we talked. and had fun and played trival pursuit that nite in her dorm room. and i fell asleep and made myself sick because that's the way i am. i know have a sinus cough. argh. of course i don't have three shows, and three rehearsals to attend this week. fuck me, why do i do this to myself. oh and eris' roommate is really nice. she is young and will have to grow up soon because she left to GO TO A PARTY at 3:30am. good god. okay saturday morning. went to my house. made tapes to trade to folks. saw ipswitch and freaked at that. um got ready to go to the show. commedia. we played trival pursuit at the theatre. shopped at wal-mart and saw Nate and Carrie. Nate of course lied and said that he was coming to the show that nite. wthefuckever. don't lie to my face bastard or i will take you down. that's a promise. carrie finds out today (monday) if she got Juliet in this semester's production. i wish her luck though i don't think she's the Juliet type. but who knows. Commedia was great. and that's when the itchy throat started. argh. Sunday morning. church. didn't feel like going. was a little nervous but also thrilled that eris was going. she calms me sometimes. the songs went okay. i always fuck up one song and it felt like YOUR EYES was the one for that sunday. I'll remember didn't go off as well as i would have liked either, but them's the breaks. eris thought that YOUR EYES sounded funny, and it's because it's in the bottom of my range and so i have to fake this macho-"male" sound that i don't normally have. she said it just sounded a lot lower. the key maybe different in the selections than in the score (VS books are notorious for changing keys willy-nilly). i'm just glad that i got to sing being's a song that i've always wanted to perform. I'm a BABS fan if you couldn't tell. i decided that i wanted to do something pretensious and so decided that we should brunch after church. called Reena to see if she wanted to go with us...and then also called jon howle to see if he wanted to go, but no one was home. so off to crooks we went. i'd never been...but a million people that i know work there. apparently chris called from somewhere to let them know that he missed them all (he use to work there.) let's see if he'll call me. did get a random fon call over the weekend though from an old acquaintance, i'll see what he's up to. we ate wonderfully and it was fun...then we decided to go to the mall and to barnes and noble...i picked up some new items and had a blast at the mac counter. all in all a good time. and now i have the fucking sniffles...and an invitation to a party that i can only go to for 30 minutes because i have a show that nite. but anyone want to come with me? it should be a blast...and then midsummer (our last show %{ that nite). later.

I have an obsessive/compulsive disorder which can get me in trouble. oh well.

and i'm going to use it today or tomorrow.

continuing the journey

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