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April 27: what to do when you're feeling a bit greasy

feeling a little queasy today. and just overly tired. i ate a hot dog and some chicken yesterday and that had been the first meat product i'd eaten in about four days. plus i had my 40 oz smoothie. i'm gettin' jiggy with myself. (that was for you know who). okay my week has gotten busy: rent tomorrow. and possibly either friday or closing sunday. tonight i have two for this girl's final performance project in her rhetoric of performance class. the best part is that she just put the cast and script together last nite. ugh. i found out she was a sophomore when i thought she was a senior. this information shed a lot of light on the situation we had at the gypsy cast party when she started crying after i told her she wasn't good enough to be in my set last spring. hearsay tonight. her performance project on thursday. two other shows this weekend. and trying to find a new job. eeks. and now i have a headache. but i'll live. the word for today is benignant. la.