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April 23: running the gamut from a to a

today i did not accomplish all that i had hoped...but you know i'm not going to let it get me down. i can't...the green tea and the gingerlilly sprays are working too well. it's all about positivity and enlightenment. some of the best news today was the fact that i'm going to be a contributor to Sue-a-palooza on a regular basis. this will make my ass start writing more. i have to. i'm going dumb here and i can't let that happen if i seriously want to teach at the university level. sue, will unveil it starting next week. yeee haw! *~*~*~ I'm getting IE4 next week. that means no more JAVASCRIPT errors and i'll actually be able to update my page from work again. that would be ubercool. the technician is having invitro fertilization next week so she'll be out of the office for a few days, i'm not sure why she decided to share that information with me...especially the part about them taking her eggs out on monday...but you know some people just like to share. *~*~*~*~* i have a new online friend named Kyle. I think he's going to be interesting. he lives in Baltimore and is about to start a new e-commerce business. he sounds cool...though maybe a little oversexed...but you know. *~*~*~*~*~*~ Merry wives is closing. YES YES YES. and i'm trying to go see a bad school production of one of my favorite shows (City of Angels) the other being HAIR if you didn't already know. quite opposites, yep. but jazz and aquarianess. how can you go wrong. I'm not going to strike on Sunday so it's all good. The sign was up last nite asking us to come, and that was my ticket to say no. eris and josh did not like the show...but they said some of my parts were hilarious so that made me feel good. i had to tell them a lot of the inside workings. We almost had to do the show in the dark. at the end of scene 1:4 the lights went completly out on stage. so after the half hour to fix it they started the scene OVER. oh mi, and that's a long fucking scene to start over. and the triangle of lust will happen tonight. jul's somebody who's dating this 46 yr old man (she's 26) is now in lust after james (one of the pirates in the show -- 29) whom jacq also has the hots for (though i really need to talk to jacq...many people are starting not to like her). so the fireworks begin. 0000 matchmaker matchmaker make me a match...find me a fine, catch me a catch. 0000 chile i scare me sometimes... *~*~*~*~* Tony Tony Tonys *~*~*~*~* i'm sure there is more, but the theatre calls and i haven't cleaned up this shit off my floor and my desk. later i'll regale you with the heat that is my house. argh. la.