Dec. 1, 2003 photos taken backstage of the Riverside Church (black shirt) and the King Kong Room (blue shirt) in NEW YORK CITY after the professional NY premeire of Children of Eden -- a benefit concert for the York Theatre and the National AIDS fund.

AJ -- a singer at don't tell mama's, Adam F from Hairspray, Matthew from NYU and me

my new friend from Elon and Jai from the Queer show.

max, mark h is the reason i was even in the show, max is a pauper alum, company carolina founder and great. It's the UNC BOYS!

Um, I'm hugging Stephen Schwartz. WOW!

Which one of us is the REAL Miss America. I think that would be Kate '98. The organizer of the event.

And we got to call him Father in the show. Daddy, sir, G-d, it's all the same. Get Norm in another show.

kenneth-m, michael and ryan looking good in the neighborhood.

this is johnny from the Q, he looks good in diesel.