what a weekend. would have been the best one officially if the new york

cbs had been there the same time that we were...but alas.


it was the weekend of only sleeping two hours a day. and car trouble

apparently abounded.


get up 5am on friday to go rent car. won't rent car to us, because one of

my credit cards is over the limit. (yeah and you're a big fat cow) so

hitailed it budget to rent a bigger and even better car for same price.


wait for whitney and eris at my house. on the road again...first time

since june of last year that the three of us had been on a road trip

together (alone) and november since the big group had gone out together.


get to dc in amazing time (an hour earlier than expected) then putz around

josh's to where we end up being two hours behind schedule...teri's sitting

out front of her work waiting for us.


so we're sardined in the car and on the way to philly....w00h00! everyone

should go out and buy a malibu...wonderful car. stop at the VABC (liquor)

store to stock up on the ingredients for the offical scbs drink (limonada)


and we're off.


arrive in philly and exit too soon because philly/pa is completely fucked

up. so drive all the way down s broad street to get to the theatre...pass

it and see fr@nk and gen sitting in front of theatre. stop in the median

because we don't know how to turn around on that street and i run to the

theatre to give them money because it's almost time to buy tickets.


meet julie, cas and karen (w00h00) see andrew, fr@nk, gen (yay!) and lo

and behold, there's manelli and stephen. what a night. get

tickets...loving that. get the doubletree bathrooms closed--not our



okay, i'm on crack i guess, but i wasn't happy with the angel cast

performance...but i'll save that for later.


afterwards...standing by stage door waiting for people to come out...see

the shuttle to take them to the cast party. they trickle out. see

kristoffer and almost faint.


see dan in his purple dashika. get pictures. see lambert and talk to him

for awhile. then we leave.


the club kidnaps whitney and we traipse off to fr@nk's because brandy

never sent directions to us. get to fr@nks and call over to brandy's and

drive another 45minutes.


see my baby and am happy happy happy again. meet franco. and commence to

smoking and making limonada and white russians. watch excerpts from

fr@nk and andrew's guys and dolls. we drink aplenty and crash at like 4am

for another two hour nap. okay can you say enough beds for 10 people.



BRANDY CAN COOK...everyone get to the bulter plaza's bed and breakfast.

good god. we forget to take our care package as we leave (cause i didn't

know about it).


because we suck...we're late for morning lotto. meet wade there. see the

twins (hey) buy sros. eris, fr@nk, andrew, wade and i go to hotel

catherine to feed the cats and clean up and do work.


leave for evening lotto. lose. buy other's sros. go eat at Westway

courtesy of wade. see the show. like luther a lot (more on that). wait

backstage for a gwen who's bolted out the front for the early bus. argh.


wait for the village people (eris and fr@nk) to get back from their

man-hunt. meet whitney there who's just arrived from philly. have tekay

luck again and see two friends of mine from va/fla

who are moving up to the city and start attending julliard in the fall.

(i have yet to not see someone that i know from somewhere else by standing

in front of the nederlander). it's a tekay beacon. watch people drool

over taj. watch as certain things which shall no longer be taken taken.

talk to luther briefly while totally ignoring tamara p.



go to the hotel. decide we are not going to see cabaret on sunday because

that would be muderous to get up that early and plan on driving home that

nite. but goddess whitney gets up and gets me a ticket anyway. W0000000!


but because of that....eris, fr@nk, josh and i decide that we're going to

get drunk and hang out in the city. who knew that the park bench in the

median of 95th and broadway was so much fun. we're planning on staying up

until the cabaret clan leaves so that we can get there bed space...but mr.

sleepy wins out. so we're walking back to the hotel to let catherine, cas

and jenben in so that they can go over to paul's and sleep.


we sit in skanky park across the street and practice our bj techniques.



make lots of noise and continue talking.


sunday in a whirl of activity...seeing cabaret. having dinner with cas,

jenben, missy, and whitney at tgif. telling shaun earl something i

shouldn't have about my feelings on the angel cast. saw sylvia...whom i



and then we drive the 9 hours home. whee doggie.




until again...and thank you.